Cover topic

The <d4pCover> topic type holds the contents of a cover of a publication. While the contents could be anything normal usage is to have the body contain a single image that is the cover.

Because <d4pCover> is a topic it must have a title. However, covers don't really have titles so <d4pCover> uses the specialized <d4pCoverTitle> element, which is empty. You can use the regular <searchtitle> or <navtitle> elements to provide a non-empty title for use in contexts where a title is useful, such as in content management systems. For exmple, you might use a search title like "Front cover for Some Publication".


- topic/topic d4pCover/d4pCover

<d4pCover id="cover"><d4pCoverTitle/>
    <searchtitle>Front cover for Some Publication</searchtitle>
  <image href="covers/front-cover.tiff">
    <alt>Front cover for Some Publication</alt>