Release Notes: Version 1.0.0RC19

Version 1.0.0RC19

Theme for the Release

This release adds additional functionality to the EPUB transform's support for embedded fonts, namely the option to generate CSS @font-face rules for embedded fonts. See Embedding Fonts in Your EPUB for details.

Resolved Issues

These are the most significant issues addressed in this release:

  • EPUB issue #66: Generate CSS @font-face declarations from the font manifest .

    Provides a new runtime option (epub.generate.css.font.rules Ant parameter) that generates a CSS file with @font-face rules for all the fonts defined in the font manifest. You can add markup to the font manifest to control the details of the @font-face rules generated for a given font. See Embedding Fonts in Your EPUB.

  • Fixed an issue with the handling of the args.csspath parameter where the parameter would not be respected. The EPUB process now uses the args.csspath parameter to set the result directory in the EPUB where CSS files are stored, which is set to "css" by default.
  • Added a new runtime parameter (epub.copy.system.css Ant parameter) to control inclusion of the default HTML CSS files in the generated EPUB. Set the parameter to "false" to omit the common-ltr.css and common-rtl.css files from the EPUB.