epub.font.manifest Ant parameter

Specifies the URI of the font manifest file that lists fonts to be embedded in the EPUB.

Fonts included by the font manifest may be marked for obfuscation. See Embedding Fonts in Your EPUB and epub.obfuscate.fonts Ant parameter.


An absolute URI pointing to the font manifest document.

For example, "file://workspace/docs/pub01/fonts/font-manifest.xml". If the font manifest is within a plugin you can use the plugin's OT-defined Ant directory property to construct the value. If your plugin's ID is "org.example.myepubplugin" then you can use this in an Ant build file (either for the plugin itself or used to call the Open Toolkit):

This sets the value of the Ant property epub.font.manifest to the URI constructed from the value of the @file attribute.