Single-question topic

The <d4pQuestionTopic> topic type is intended to hold a single assessment question (e.g., using the DITA Learning and Training interaction element types).

Question topics can be used simply to organize questions for reuse via content reference. This is particularly useful in content management systems, where the question topic can provide a descriptive title and additional metadata associated with the question.

You can also use question topics from maps in order to construct tests at the map level, something you cannot do with Learning and Training interaction elements directly (because maps can only directly refer to topics and interaction elements are not topics). When used in this way the processing intent is that the title of the question topic is suppressed in the output.

The title you use for the topic should be descriptive of the question in some way. One useful default is the first part of the question statement if no better title suggests itself.


- topic/topic d4pQuestionTopic/d4pQuestionTopic

  <d4pQuestionTopicTitle>Title of the question</d4pQuestionTopicTitle>
    <lcTrueFalse id="q1">
      <lcQuestion>This is a legitimate topic design.</lcQuestion>
          <lcFeedback>It may be a little unorthodox but 
it's a perfectly cromulent topic type.</lcFeedback>