Migrating the Style-to-tag Mapping

If you want to use the latest code of the Word2DITA transform, but you have an older style-to-tag map (pre-0.9.19RC12Feature30), then you must migrate the older map to the newer markup.

In the latest Word2DITA code, there is an XSLT transform under the <utils/> directory in the plugin. Apply it to your old style-to-tag map. In many cases the migrated file will work as is, in a few cases it may need a small amount of tweaking.
  1. Write a transformation scenario with the following parameters:
    • XML URL: current file URL
    • XSL URL: org.dita4publishers.word2dita/utils/style2tagmapMigrator.xsl
    • Transformer: Saxon PE9.
    • Output file: the name of the new map file (should be .xml)
  2. Store your new map file in the xsl directory of your plugin. For example, DITA-OT/plugins/my-word2dita/xsl/new-style2tagmap.xml