Release Notes: Version 1.0.0RC25

Version 1.0.0RC25

Theme for the Release

This release focuses on enhancements to the EPUB and HTML5 transforms, various bug fixes, etc.

Resolved Issues

These are the most significant issues addressed in this release.

EPUB transform:

  • Issue 72: Implemented new runtime parameters for including a single JavaScript file in the generated HTML files. See Using Custom JavaScript.
  • Issue 74: HTML files generated from topicheads had the wrong extension (resulted in epubcheck warning).
  • Issue 70: Generate correct timestamps in metadata files (was not taking timezone into account).
  • Fixed logic bug in generation of entries in list of tables (resulted in no entries for tables in the LoT).

Also reflects earlier-released enhancements for font embedding and various small bug fixes.

org.dita4publishers.common.xslt (used by HTML5 and EPUB transforms):
  • Fixes for issues related to chunking
  • Fixes for issues related to resource-only topicrefs
Word2DITA transformation framework:
  • Issue 29: Failure trying to load incorrect file for footnotes (transform would fail if there were footnote references in the Word document).
  • Issue 26: Ensure that generated IDs are syntactically valid (some source filenames could result in invalid ID values).
  • Issue 25: Fix handling of character \uF0FC (check mark) in Word source. Processing would fail with invalid character when Word source had checkmark characters.
  • Issue 21: Use final-fixup mode for maps as well as topics.
D4P vocabulary:
  • Fixed d4pQuestionTopic DTD so it works with DITA 1.2 DTDs as well as with DITA 1.3 DTDs (D4P does not yet officially support DITA 1.3 but some D4P users have been using the DITA 1.3 learning2Domain wiht the d4pQuestionTopic topic type.
  • Various minor fixes that do not affect document validity.
  • Updated the documentation source to use keys for all cross references.
  • Refactored maps into submaps.
  • Added new vocabulary reference topics. These are still a work in progress but they provide useful information on the D4P vocabulary.