Release Notes: Version 1.0.0RC20

Version 1.0.0RC20

Theme for the Release

This release adds enhancements to the Word-to-DITA transformation framework, adding the ability to set the @xml:lang attribute for directly-generated elements via the style-to-tag map and putting generated maps through the final-fixup mode, in addition to topics.

Resolved Issues

These are the most significant issues addressed in this release:

  • Word2DITA issue 19: Provide way to generate arbitrary attributes through the style-to-tag map

    Adds a new subelement, <additionalAttributes>, to <paragraphStyle> and <characterStyle>, with which you can specify any additional attributes for the directly-generated result element. See Style to Tag Mapping.

  • Word2DITA issue 20: Provide way to set language on style-to-tag map.

    The <paragraphStyle>, <characterStyle>, <mapProperties>, and <topicProperties> elements allow a new attribute, @langAttValue, that specifies the value to use for the @xml:lang attribute on the elements directly generated for those styles. For maps and topics, the value specified on @langAttValue overrides the language specified by the w2d.language Ant parameter (which defaults to "en-US"). See Style to Tag Mapping.

  • Word2DITA issue 21: Put generated maps through final-fixup mode

    Generated maps are now processed in mode "final-fixup" just as topics are, making it easier to adjust the details of generated maps. See Extending and Overriding the Word to DITA Transform.