pubmap is a map type for a single publication. It includes the ability to specify publishing -specific metadata; to represent arbitrary single pages, such as often occur in fiction books before the main content; to include cover components. This module is an example of defining a specific map type that uses the publication map domain elements exclusively. The publication map domain elements can also be used in other map types as needed; there is no requirement to use the pubmap map element just to get publication map components. This allows you to define completely different organizations of publication-specific topicref types. pubmap is a result of three related domains: one for elements (pubmapDomain), one for references to other maps (pubmapMaprefDomain), and one for metadata (pubmetadataDomain). In doing so, it overcomes some deficiencies of the bookmap map type: chapter topicrefs do not have to be within part topicrefs when a part topicref is used; a verbose set of metadata options are provided; pubmap-specific map references can be used; the content models can be extended as needed.
pubmap specializes from map. It is a useful starting point for new map types. And it serves both as a general publication map type and as an example of how to integrate and configure the publication map and publication metadata domains.
- map/map pubmap/pubmap