Release Notes: Version 0.9.10

Version 0.9.10 released 5 Novemeber 2010

EPUB, Kindle, and HTML2 Transformation Types

  • Rewrite pointers to CSS style sheets in generated HTML files.


  • Added new parameters for suppressing tab and br elements from DITA XML.
  • Added parameter to include the back pointers to the original Word document.


  • Corrected all doctype Toolkit plugin descriptors and top-level catalog.xml files to use dita.specialization.catalog.relative rather than dita.specialization.catalog.


  • Added more how-to and troubleshooting information for Word-to-DITA transform.
  • Recorded video tutorial for Word-to-DITA style-to-tag mapping development. See unresolvable-reference.html#conceptId.