Release Notes: Version 0.9.15

Version 0.9.15 released 22 February 2011

Common XSLT library

  • Implemented decoding of escaped UTF-8 characters in URIs.

Word to DITA

  • Fixed issue 3186860, Tables with no header row emit empty thead. Tables with no header rows and tables with only header rows should now produce valid DITA topics.


  • Corrected design problem with MathML integration. In order for the <eqn-block> and <eqn-inline> elements to be normal DITA elements, there must be another level of markup between those elements and the MathML <math> elements. I added a new container, specialized from <foreign>, named <d4pMathML>, that then contains the <math> element. This is the in d4pFormatting domain.
  • Added <object> and <foreign> to content of <art>. This allows <art> to used to bind metadata to any kind of media object or display.