Running the HTML5 Plugin

The HTML5 plugin can run as a regular DITA-OT plugin.

To run the HTML5 plugin, you must be familiar with the process of running the DITA-OT (refer to the DITA-OT documentation for more details). The transtype is d4p-html5 to prevent conflict with the HTML5 transtype, available in DITA-OT version 2.0.

The plugin works with DITA-OT versions 1.7.x and prior.

The plugin uses ant parameters similar to those used for the XHTML transform. Some parameters available for the xhtml transform are not currently supported in the HTML5 plugin. For a complete list of available properties, consult the reference material.

Running DITA-OT from Ant

Execute the usual command using HTML5 as the transtype.

    ant -Dargs.input=samples/hierarchy.ditamap 

Running DITA-OT from a Command-Line Tool

    java -jar lib/dost.jar