Release Notes: Version 0.9.16

Version 0.9.16 released 21 March 2011

Extensible transformation types (HTML2, EPUB, etc.)

  • Corrected order of import extension point and base includes in top-level _template XSL files.
  • Added sample no-op extension for the HTML2 transformation type (org.example.d4p.html2extensions).

Word to DITA

  • Added new attribute, @styleName to <style> in style-to-tag-map documents. This allows you to define mappings in terms of Word style display names rather than style IDs. The @styleId attribute continues to be supported.

    This change addresses an issue seen with documents modified or created in Japanese versions of Word, where all the style IDs got changed from what they were originally.

    The documentation and samples have been updated to reflect the @styleName attribute.