EPUB and Kindle Transformation Parameters

EPUB-specific parameters for the EPUB transformation type

The EPUB transformation type allows a number of parameters that configure the details of the generated EPUB. Available options include:
  • Include a back-of-the-book index
  • The names of the directories used to hold topics, graphics, and CSS style sheets.
  • The topic and title element @class values to use for topics generated from topicheads.
  • The maximum depth of the generated table of contents.
  • The graphic to use as the EPUB cover graphic (<meta name="cover" content="coverimage" /> as used by iBooks) if the cover image is not indicated by markup in the map.
  • The EPUB publication ID
  • Do not treat external-scope xrefs as links in the HTML (avoids EPUB validation issues with unavailable resources).
  • Include user-specified CSS files in the generated EPUB package.

The parameters documented in this section are Ant parameters recognized by the build_transtype_epub.xml Ant script. Each of these Ant parameters corresponds to an XSLT parameter used by the underlying XSLT transforms. The XSLT parameters are defined in the map2epubImpl.xsl transform in the EPUB plugin's xsl/ directory.