Installing the Toolkit Plugins

How to install the DITA for Publishers Toolkit plugins to the Open Toolkit.

All the plugins are distributed as Zip files. Installation is basically unzipping the Zips into the Toolkit's plugins directory and then running the integrator.xml Ant task.

  1. Unzip the plugin's Zip file into your Toolkit's plugins directory.

    You should get one or more directories under plugins named like org.dita4publishers.doctypes.

  2. Run the integrator.xml script from the Toolkit's root directory.
    The trick here is knowing how to access the "ant" command. If you open a command window, type "ant" and get something like
    Buildfile: build.xml does not exist! 
    Build failed 

    Then you are good to go.

    Otherwise, you have to either find where Ant is on your system or download Ant from

    If you are using the full install of the DITA Open Toolkit then ant is in tools/ant/bin below the Toolkit's root directory.

    If you have the OxygenXML editor installed then ant is in tools/ant/bin below Oxygen's installation directory (e.g., c:\Program Files\Oxygen XML\tools\ant\bin on Windows).

    Assuming you have ant in your Toolkit, you can run it like so:
    1. Open a command window and navigate to the root of your Toolkit (for this example, installed in c:\programs\DITA-OT:
      c:\> cd c:\programs\DITA-OT
    2. Run this command
      c:\Programs\DITA-OT> tools\ant\bin\ant -f integrator.xml
    You should see output something like this:
    Buildfile: integrator.xml
    [integrate] Using XERCES.
    Total time: 0 seconds

    You may see messages about missing dependencies but as long as you get BUILD SUCCESSFUL then all the plugins that could be loaded have been.

The plugins should be ready to use.