Release Notes: Version 0.9.9

Version 0.9.9 released 31 October 2010

EPUB, Kindle, and HTML2 Transformation Types

  • Added support for different file organization strategies, with built-in strategies "single-dir" and "as-authored". Allows customization of organization and naming of output files through new mode "get-topic-result-url".
  • Fixed bug with incorrect graphic reference URLs when topics are output into in directory under root directory or graphics not in directory named "images"
  • Fixed bug with literal " " in empty table cells
  • Handle paragraphs within span for table descriptions
  • Eliminated Toolkit graphic copying during preprocessing

EPUB and Kindle Transformation Types

  • Added new parameter that turns off auto-generated related links.

HTML2 Transformation Type

  • Allow user to specify name of root output file (defaults to "index.html" as for HTML1 transform type)
  • Use first navigation topic reference as initial file for root file and frameset
  • Refined default CSS for root page


  • Added <body-pullquote> and <section-pullquote> to publication content domain. These elements specialize <bodydiv> and <sectiondiv> respectively.