Release Notes: Version 0.9.18

Version 0.9.18 released 8 Jan 2012

All transformation types (HTML2, EPUB, etc.)

  • Removed duplicate XSLT imports
  • Created common.html plugin to provide single import point for all extensions to the HTML transformation type
  • Fixed handling of @scale attribute for images.

Word to DITA

  • Fixed the following logged bugs:
    3435135: Misnumbered topics
    Added check for non-topic paragraphs between root-map-generating paragraph and first map- or topic-generating paragraph. This avoids the problem where content paragraphs immediately after map root cause misnumbering of generated topic filenames.
    3435133: Use DOCX filename for name of result file
    Updated the plugin Ant script to use the DOCX filename as the base name for the root topic or map by default.
    3434693: An empty sequence is not allowed as the value of variable $styleMap
    Fixed the code so the variable allows an empty sequence.
    3435135: Simple word doc generates incorrect topic filename
    Improved error reporting for non-topic-creating paragraphs before first topic-creating paragraph in Word doc.
    3434694: Key styleMaps has not been defined
    Fixed the XSLT.
    3434693: An empty sequence is not allowed as the value of variable $s
    Fixed the XSLT.
    3436363: containerOutputclass causes transform to fail
    Fixed in the XSLT.
  • Implemented the following feature requests:
    3309933: Add runtime parameter to set result language
    Added new Ant parameter w2d.language that sets the value to use for the @xml:lang attribute. If not specified, value "en-US" is used.
  • Other fixes:
    • Use configured topic extension for root topic output.
    • Use style name "Normal" for unmapped paragraphs. This lets you explicitly map unstyled paragraphs rather than depending on the built-in default mapping to <p>.
    • Updated built-in default style-to-tag map to include Heading 2, Heading 3, and Normal.
    • Refined the Ant script to make properties appropriately conditional and to avoid setting any unnecessary global properties.
    • Added start of an automated regression test suite in the project's test/ area in the source tree. These tests also serve as examples of how to use Ant to call the Toolkit transform.

EPUB and Kindle

  • Fixed the following logged bugs:
    3434065: Empty sequence not allowed for $graphicPath
    Fixed the bug so <image> with no @href or @keyref is ignored when building the graphic map but is reported as a warning.
    3433937: Include keywords as dc:subject in EPUB/Kindle books
    Keywords within metadata/keywords become <dc:subject> elements in the EPUB and Kindle metadata.
    3433935: Include authors in EPUB/Kindle metadata
    All authors in the publication metadata are included with appropriate roles.
    3433934: Include ISBN and other bookid in EPUB/Kindle
    ISBN numbers and other bookid content is be included in the EPUB and Kindle metadata appropriately.
    3411763: Warnings received when an image has the @scale attribute set
    Check for values with a leading "-" and suppress them and report them. If the value is positive, then use it. If it is a bare number, append "px" to the value.
    3331319: @toc = no not respected for EPUB ToC
    Topics with toc="no" should not be reflected in the EPUB ToC.
    3317385: Chunked topics produce bad EPUB toc
    Topics chucked to content should produce correct results in the ToC.
    3312288: Problem with default parameter values
    All D4P plugin Ant build files have been reworked to avoid setting any global parameters inappropriately.
    3471010: Handle .jpeg files for EPUB/Kindle
    EPUB and Kindle processing now correctly handles .jpeg extension in addition to .jpg.
  • Other fixes/enhancements:
    • Factored out some common code between EPUB and Kindle transforms.

DITA to InDesign

  • Enhancements and bug fixes to the Java INX support library. Can now generate multi-spread page sequences as configured in a separate configuration file. Corrects bugs with correlation of frames to pages.
  • Added support for parsing and accessing conversion configurations defined using the new conversion_config topic type.
  • Added XSLT support for generating CS 4/5 ICML InCopy articles from DITA content.

Vocabulary Modules

  • Fixed the following logged bugs:
    3371240: Inconsistencies in SYSTEM name in topic.dtd
    Corrected "dp4" to "d4p" throughout. Corrected "d4pcommon" to "d4p_common".
  • Corrected some configuration errors in doctype shells.
  • Upgraded topic types to use DITA 1.2 coding conventions.
  • Added new <art-ph> element. Specialize <art> from topic/p so it can go in <fig> directly.
  • Added new topic type "conversion_configuration", used to configure Word2DITA and DITA2InDesign transforms, especially the DITA-to-InDesign Java processing.


  • Added missing documentation for word2dita Ant parameters.
  • Added vocabulary topics from the website content into the User Guide